Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

There are certain retail establishments that transcend the notion of a business and reach to the comfort of home. Maybe it’s a friend that works there or the proverbial comfort food. At Bombay’s, I think it’s the close atmosphere. A narrow stall of sorts comes off the Candler Park sidewalks to reveal mismatched furniture with hundreds of books lining the walls. The books are cheap to benefit various local causes, but the sweets towards the back include carrot cake, red velvet, and various chocolate pies. The ice cream has pretty standard flavors, but the coffee is rich, including “A Shot in the Eye,” a potent extra-shot espresso drink that literally makes your eyes twitch. This coffee shop combines studiousness (books on the wall) with family friendliness (kids books and toys), so a light perusal of the newspaper or a travel guidebook off the shelf is probably the best bet. If you want your coffee with loud signs and slyly mentioned up-sells, Dr. Bombay’s will not do.

Posted by: Josh Spilker
Photo: Josh Spilker


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