Our Project in India

A percentage of every sale at Dr. Bombay’s helps support our women’s education project in Darjeeling India, The Learning Tea. In 2010 the owner of Dr. Bombay’s started a scholarship program to support young women who could not afford to further their education. Dr. Bombay’s, its loyal customers, staff and supporters are sipping for scholarships. Each year we fully support up to 12 young women living in our center in Darjeeling with “life scholarships” that cover all living, school, medical, educational and fun activities and expenses. Our students success rate is at 100% of graduation and employment in their selected fields. Want to help? Here’s how..

Our monthly dinner: On the last Monday of every month, we hold a private dinner at our shop, the proceeds from which are one of our main sources of funding. You can buy tickets to our monthly event here.

  • Our book program: you can donate or purchase used books at Dr. Bombay's, these funds contribute towards our mission.

  • The Learning Tea black and green tea packs, sourced directly from one of our partners in Darjeeling, can be purchased in our shop.

  • General funds: general profits from Dr. Bombay's are also used to further our India initiative. That means when you support the shop, you also support our scholars!

  • Donations: Every dollar counts! If you would like to make a donation, big or small, please visit our donation page in our shop.

To learn more about our scholars and the project, follow us on facebook , instagram or sign up for our mailing list . and please visit TheLearningTea.com. Our scholars thank you for helping make this project possible!

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